Essential Monday: Lavender

If you are new to essential oils, Lavender is a great place to start! There are so many published benefits of this fresh floral scent, but feeling really is believing…so try it! I recommend it for right before bed or after a long stressful day of work, you can think of it as the ultimate unwind and calming essential oil.

If you join my class, this is my preferred essential oil for savasana and that’s an easy place to start. If you pick up a bottle, I recommend a little before bed with one of these methods: a couple of drops to a bath, a few drops in a diffuser, or a dab at your wrists and at the bottom of your feet.

This is also my go-to for overnight travel/red eye flights, I carry it with my other flight essentails (think: neck pillow, face wipe, moisurizer & kindle).

Enjoy the instant calming effect! 

click here for a YL video on Lavender

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