Intention Tuesday: Showing Up

Saturday morning Yoga at the Manor is one of my favorite parts of the week. I live for it. I have a whole morning routine around getting ready for it, picking my essential oil for savasana, planning the starting pose and peak pose, setting up the yoga mats and getting myself grounded before anyone arrives.

And I always have a moment, right after setting up and right before anyone comes through the door where I wonder if anyone is going to show up.

Not necessarily a fear, or a panic, or a sadness, just like: i just laid out 8 yoga mats, I wonder if it will be just me. I never really know. At this point I have at least one person who has messaged me or coordinated: see you Saturday for yoga. But still, a lot can get in the way of actually showing up. Especially on a Saturday morning.

But once that first person shows up, it all begins. They always do show up. Usually a slightly different mix of people than the week before. I don’t think it’s ever the same. Sometimes rearranging mats to fit more, once giving up my mat at the front so everyone has one, sometimes with more mats for than people so I move around and practice/teach from several places. I loved a couple of weekends ago when somehow we ended in a circle all facing each other for our namaste and final breath together.

But it could only begin because we each showed up.

Once we start our breath work I like to tell the class they already did the hardest part, they showed up to the mat. By my estimation, the showing up is 90% of it. Doing the work is 9% of it. Staying is 1%.

Sometimes the only intention you need is to show up. To the yoga mat, to work, to your relationship, to that thing that you are trying to do with your life, to that thing that is so important to you. You don’t have to even figure out what you are going to do when you get there, just focus on showing up (physically, mentally, emotionally) and being present.

What are you showing up for today?

I showed up for a 5:30am Tonehouse workout with a bestie. And I’m need to SHOW UP (big time when it’s in all caps) for an 8am work meeting.

Journaling Suggestion:

1- what do you need to show up to?

2- what are three things that typically get in the way of showing up?

3- how can you counter or eliminate those things that get in the way?

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