Wellness Wednesday: H2O

Self care looks like different things on different days, but one of the very basic forms of self care that you can do every day is staying hydrated.

So basic.

Look good, feel good, do good: water is good for your skin, it flushes out toxins, it increases energy, it aids in digestion, it’s great for brain function (did you know the brain is over 70% water!), the benefits are plentiful!

I like to take mine with lemons first thing in the morning. And when I don’t have lemons on hand I just use lemon essential oil. This week I’ve been using both lemon and grapefruit EOs in mine, good morning to ME!

And if you want to get Ayurvedic with it, keep it lukewarm. That’s my preferred way of having it, but on the dog days of summer heat we’ve been having in New York this week give me ALL the ice cubes (and make them heart shaped).

How do you take your water? Ice cold? On the go? In a fun glass? I encourage you to do whatever it takes to stay hydrated today and every day!

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