Intention Tuesday: Desire More Than Ever

A couple of years ago when I was at a seeming impasse with my career, I set aside a long weekend and some early mornings to go through Danielle LaPorte’s best seller the Core Desire Map. Working my way through the exercises in the book really helped shift my focus from what I want to do, to how I want to feel.

Identifying my core desires and keeping them at the forefront of my decisions absolutely helped me make big moves to shift my career path to a role that I would very candidly describe as my dream job.

I wouldn’t say it’s been all rainbows and roses and the learning curve has been steep (I’m still learning). I work my ass off, but I do it joyously because it makes me feel the way I want to feel: empowered and influential.

And I’m currently dusting off this Desire mapping tool to shift my focus for relationships. I have the bestttttt girl friends, you should know. I am surrounded by the most amazing and inspiring girl gang. But I am ready to turn my attention to how I want to feel in a romantic relationship, CS Lewis refers to it in his book The Four Loves as Eros love.

And so I’m coming back to identifying and naming how I want to feel. It’s not about a checklist or a strategy or planning for the future. It’s just about: how do I want to feel in an eros relationship.

Want to do your own Desire Mapping? I think you should!

And if you want to do it with me I am working out the logistics for a Desire Map Yoga stay-treat in NYC over Labor Day weekend. It will be some yoga to get the creative juices flowing, paired with a guided experience for making more empowered choices!

As a Desire Map facilitator (it’s a thing!), I’ll guide you through a soul-heart-body experience that helps you feel good. Every day. Because knowing how you want to feel is one of the most important forms of clarity you can have.

You’re invited to join the mail list for more details.

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