Recommendation: Yoga Mat for Hot Yoga

If you have ever tried a hot yoga class (where the room is heated) or even just happened to have a super sweaty flow (Yoga at the Manor has gotten sweaty on occasion), you know that the yoga mat is the THING.

In a pinch you can just put a towel over a regular yoga mat, but what if the towel was just built in.

And it was pretty to look at, soft to the touch, and easy to wash!

That’s the Yoga Design Lab yoga mat! Beautiful designs to choose from, the softest of feels, and it’s machine washable!

Although I just give it a rinse down with just water in the shower and hang it dry.

You can find designs on the Yoga Design Lab website or Amazon (not to mention Anthropologie).

Spotted at Yoga at the Manor, Kieran’s mat!

Have you ever tried hot yoga?

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