Intention Tuesday: Desire More Than Ever

A couple of years ago when I was at a seeming impasse with my career, I set aside a long weekend and some early mornings to go through Danielle LaPorte’s best seller the Core Desire Map. Working my way through the exercises in the book really helped shift my focus from what I want toContinue reading “Intention Tuesday: Desire More Than Ever”

Intention Tuesday: Showing Up

Saturday morning Yoga at the Manor is one of my favorite parts of the week. I live for it. I have a whole morning routine around getting ready for it, picking my essential oil for savasana, planning the starting pose and peak pose, setting up the yoga mats and getting myself grounded before anyone arrives.Continue reading “Intention Tuesday: Showing Up”

Essential Monday: Eucalyptus

Mmmm, eucalyptus! Words that come to mind to describe the scent and its effects: cooling, refreshing and energizing. As a stimulant it is great first thing in the morning to get you going, both physically and mentally. As a disinfectant, I like to clean my yoga mat with it. And paired with Lavender it makesContinue reading “Essential Monday: Eucalyptus”

Recommendation Thursday: Travel Yoga Mat

Whenever I get asked for my recommendation for a yoga mat, I bubble over with excitement thinking of all the possibilities! It’s hard to know where to start because I have so many yoga mat loves. I thought I’d start on here with the one I use the most, my traveling yoga mat! My go-toContinue reading “Recommendation Thursday: Travel Yoga Mat”