Recommendation: Yoga Mat for Hot Yoga

If you have ever tried a hot yoga class (where the room is heated) or even just happened to have a super sweaty flow (Yoga at the Manor has gotten sweaty on occasion), you know that the yoga mat is the THING. In a pinch you can just put a towel over a regular yogaContinue reading “Recommendation: Yoga Mat for Hot Yoga”

Tuesday Intention: Gratitude

Gratitude is the simplest form of intention setting there is and quite possibly the secret to a fulfilled life! There are so many ways you can express gratitude, but my favorite is in a journal. If you are pressed for time you can just jot down a few names or words right when you wakeContinue reading “Tuesday Intention: Gratitude”

Tuesday Intention: You’re The One!

I use Danielle LaPorte’s Truthbomb cards to find inspiration regularly, and some of the cards stick with me for a long time. I remember the precise moment that this one came to me, in March, right before a yoga retreat to Belize I was taking with my sister. One where I hoped to not justContinue reading “Tuesday Intention: You’re The One!”

Monday Essentials: Grapefruit EO

Grapefruit essential oil smells so fresh and citrusy and is best known for its uplifting qualities! Want to know how I use it most? 1- In Water. When I’m at home and feeling detox-y, I add it to my lemon water along with black pepper essential oil. When I’m traveling and drinking local tap water,Continue reading “Monday Essentials: Grapefruit EO”

Weekend Posing: Downward Facing Dog

One of the first poses we broke down in Yoga Teacher Training was downward facing dog. It was the very first day: go around the circle, introduce yourself, welcome, now everyone get in downward facing dog. Downward facing dog is one of those very basic poses that in a vinyasa style class you come backContinue reading “Weekend Posing: Downward Facing Dog”

Thursday Recs: 4th of July Leggings

If you know me at all, you know I love any opportunity for themed leggings! With the 4th of July right around the corner I thought I’d share some patriotic yoga looks! There’s actually a shop that I used to go to down on Broadway and 28th to get these leggings pictured above for likeContinue reading “Thursday Recs: 4th of July Leggings”