Wellness Retreat 2020: August 28-30

Beyond Your Typical Yoga Retreat

Yoga is just the beginning and can help you tap into the magic your own mind-body connection. In our wellness retreats we guide you through what to do once you get there!


Vinyasa flows in the morning to get you moving and grooving, restorative sessions at the end of the day to help you rest and restore.

Visioning & Manifesting

Sessions designed to help you journal, map and action your best life in the areas of health, wellness, career, finances, social life and quality of life.


Our lives are best journeyed interconnected to others around us! You each bring unique gifts to the retreat that, when shared, elevate the vibration of the entire group!

“Last year’s retreat was invigorating! The entire weekend I felt I was able to be fully present and focus on physical and emotional growth. The best part was being able to choose what I wanted to participate in throughout the weekend. The experience rejuvenated me”

Janelle Styons

“I have attended 3 of Stephanie’s wellness retreats, each one gave me a new focus and energy to live and love better. Stephanie has a gift in leading people toward a happier and healthier self!”

Janet Caponi

COST: $150 for the full 3-day session, and each individual course is $20 if you prefer to sign up for specific courses only.

Giving Back

10% of all retreat proceeds will be donated to Lion Heart, a charity committed to finding a cure for breast cancer by endowing breast cancer research grants.


Click here> to register to attend, or e-mail me at tudorcityyoga@gmail.com for questions!

Retreat Facilitators

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