Recommendation Thursday: Streaming Yoga

Happy International Yoga day, I have the perfect yoga gift for you!

A few years ago I set out to do 21 days of yoga. My rationale was that if it took 21 days to form a habit, and yoga was a habit I wanted to form, that I should do it every day for 21 days.

And the thing with committing to 21 days of ANYthing is that you have to plan ahead with some resources and options for sticking with it. At the time I was barely into yoga and my plan was simple: join a local yoga studio and find online yoga options that I could do at home on the days I couldn’t get to the studio.

January 2013: Scene from my 21 days of yoga, getting in a home yoga fix

I made it all 21 days, I believe it was a huge kick start to my yoga journey, and I have a huge appreciation for yoga resources you can do from anywhere. Online options that you can stream from any space big enough for a yoga mat eliminate allllll the excuses: it’s never too early or too late and it doesn’t matter if you are in your apartment or a hotel.

I have a couple of free online yoga resources that I really like, but one of my new favorite discoveries is streaming yoga from lululemon.

You can stream it from the website or the app, Baron Bapiste has 3 class options on there (huge fan, his style of yoga was one of my first yoga loves!), and there are 20, 45 and 60 minute options.

Point of view from boat pose

Can’t get to a yoga studio on international yoga day? Roll out your yoga mat wherever there is space and stream a lululemon class to get your fix!

June 2018: way beyond my original 21 days! Fun fact: both then & now I am doing downward dog to a Baron Baptiste home flow (with the same floor mirror).

The light in me bows to the bright light in you, namaste.

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