Tuesday Intention: You’re The One!

I use Danielle LaPorte’s Truthbomb cards to find inspiration regularly, and some of the cards stick with me for a long time.

I remember the precise moment that this one came to me, in March, right before a yoga retreat to Belize I was taking with my sister. One where I hoped to not just unplug, recharge, and do yoga twice a day, but one where I was hoping to start manifesting some ideas perculating just under the surface.

So much of what I am trying to accomplish with work, with my personal pursuits, with this journey we are on called LIFE, can so easy be bogged down by self doubt and fear of failure.

But when I flip my perspective, away from doubt and fear, to this underlying belief that I am the one…to come up with the idea, to deliver content, to impact the world around me, to grow the business, to make things better, to change lives…it propels me into action. Do the next thing, take the next step, follow through on that last thing…because if not me, then who?

And i believe that you’re the one too! No one is uniquely you and you have gifts to give this world! No self doubt today, just total confidence that you have something good and the world needs it!

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